Little Learners Daycare Center

Infant Program

Our Infant Program offers a warm, secure, and nurturing environment for our youngest Little Learners. Additionally, our experienced caregivers attend to your baby's needs while engaging them in developmentally appropriate activities to foster their cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.



Our Toddler Program is designed to support your little one's rapidly developing skills in a safe and structured environment. We focus on building motor skills, language development, and socialization through a variety of hands-on activities and play experiences.



Our Preschool Program provides a well-rounded curriculum to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. We promote early literacy, math, science, and social skills through engaging activities, creative play, and learning centers.


After School

Our After School Program provides a secure, enjoyable space for children to relax and learn. Our skilled educators foster creativity and personal growth through tailored activities. We ensure a seamless transition from school, making each child feel valued in our inclusive environment.

What we do

Our Daycare

Welcome to Little Learners Daycare in Duncanville, Texas!

We’re the premier childcare center providing high-quality care and early education for children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. Our nurturing environment encourages your little ones to develop essential life skills and flourish into confident, creative thinkers.
At Little Learners, we understand that choosing the right daycare is a crucial decision for any parent. That’s why our experienced and dedicated staff works tirelessly to provide a safe, stimulating, and loving environment where your child can learn, grow, and have fun.

Early Childhood Care and Education Center in Duncanville, TX

Why Choose Little Learners Daycare?

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    Safe and Secure Facility

    Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced security features, ensuring that your child is in safe hands at all times.

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    Engaging Curriculum

    Our age-appropriate, research-based curriculum stimulates your child's intellectual, emotional, and social development.

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    Flexible Scheduling

    We offer full-time and part-time enrollment options to accommodate your family's needs

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    Experienced and Caring Staff

    Our team of highly qualified, passionate educators is dedicated to creating a positive, nurturing environment for your child.

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    Nutritious Meals

    We provide healthy and delicious meals and snacks to support your child's growth and well-being

We accept Childcare Assistance (CCA/CCMS)

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Our commitment

At Little Learners Daycare, we consider ourselves as an extension of your family. Our excellent teachers strive to establish a strong educational foundation for your children and instill a comprehension of Islamic principles. Each day, we offer a range of activities, including sensory activities, art, stories, songs, movement, fine and gross motor skill practice, and more, to keep your child engaged and active.

At Little Learners Daycare, we prioritize safety and cleanliness, providing ample space for your child to play and express themselves in a secure environment. Additionally, we are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our teachers and staff members by providing them with the best tools and resources for enhanced learning experiences in modern and clean facilities.


Teacher Classroom Assignments

At Little Learners Daycare, our focus is on creating a stimulating, supportive, and caring atmosphere for your precious little ones. As they navigate their earliest developmental stages, our devoted team ensures they stay active, motivated, and comforted with an abundance of love and attention.

Infant Room (6 weeks - 12 months)

Infant Teacher: The Infant Teacher will be responsible for creating a warm and nurturing environment for our youngest learners. They will focus on developing daily routines, providing sensory and motor experiences, and encouraging early language development. The Infant Teacher will also closely monitor each child’s growth and development, maintaining open communication with parents.

Toddler Room (1-2 years)

Toddler Teacher: The Toddler Teacher will develop age-appropriate lesson plans that foster cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. They will guide the toddlers through daily activities such as circle time, art projects, and outdoor play. The Toddler Teacher will also manage daily routines, including snack time and nap time, and maintain consistent communication with parents.

Preschool Room (3-4 years)

Preschool Teacher: The Preschool Teacher will design and implement a stimulating curriculum that encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. They will lead activities such as circle time, math and literacy lessons, art projects, and science experiments. The Preschool Teacher will also monitor each child’s progress and development, working closely with parents to support their child’s learning journey.

Pre-Kindergarten Room (4-5 years)

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher: The Pre-Kindergarten Teacher will prepare children for the transition to kindergarten by focusing on developing key skills such as early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional competence. They will create engaging lesson plans, lead hands-on activities, and encourage independent exploration. The Pre-Kindergarten Teacher will also assess each child’s progress and collaborate with parents to ensure a successful transition to kindergarten.

Looking for a Career?

Discover the rewarding world of early childhood education with Little Learners! Join our passionate team of professionals dedicated to shaping the minds and hearts of our youngest generation. At Little Learners, you’ll find more than just a job – you’ll become an integral part of a nurturing community that fosters creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning. Take the first step in your fulfilling new career with Little Learners today!”

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Little Learners Daycare Center

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